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Isn’t This How Disaster Movies Start?

Am I the only one who watchers disaster movies? Well I’ve looked at tons and recently they have all started the same way. Bizarre weather (check), odd animal behavior, particularly birds (check) asteroids that no one sees coming, landing(check).

Just saying.

Blessings to All This Weekend

Blessings to all people of faith as we celebrate Passover and Easter. It’s time to forget our differences and embrace our commonalities. The world is a rough place now and if we don’t get together I don’t know how we’ll survive. Five people killed in Tulsa Oklahoma all apparently shot by the same person. Senseless. Worse, people are thinking it is racially motivated because the people are all Black and the alleged gunman is White. From what I heard on CNN a week ago in Tulsa an elderly Caucasian couple were beaten and the accused is a Black man. Really, we’ve got to stop. Have you looked around lately? Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods. Hello, we have major issues to deal with and our petty differences have to take a back seat to more important things.

Anyway during this week of peaceful religious devotion I say blessings to all.

A Return to the Office

My husband and I have a great office and we don’t use it. Our home has what is called a bonus room over our garage. The room is a really nice size and houses our futon (serve as a guest bedroom, mostly for the grandkids) my husbands drafting table, our bookshelves, tv, desk and my yarn. So why don’t we use it? Well we find it hard to control the climate in the room, too cold in winter and hot in summer. We could work on that though. So today I decided that I need to stop finding flaws and find the good. Kinda like we do in life sometimes.

More to come from the office.

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