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Conquer the Pool… Continues

I am beginning my fourth week in the pool. I can officially say that I can do the freestyle stroke. It ain’t pretty and I am still unable to do fifty yards without stopping¬† but I can finally say that I can do it. Perfecting will take some time but I now know that I can conquer this stroke. Dare I dream about others? We’ll see. I’ll keep you informed.

Weekend Well Done

This was a busy weekend and as usual worry and anxiety almost trumped faith and the calm assurance that things generally turn out okay. We ended up having 42 people for my husbands birthday bar-b-que. I could have sworn that we invited about 25 people. The weather was lousy for an outdoor event (mostly rain) so we had a mostly indoor good time. The kids and grands came and we hadn’t seen the kids in months. What a joy. Mom really put this together. At 96 she appreciates every day she has with family and friends. It was worth every bit of work!

My youngest grand Mr. Trent. He loves to pose

Have a good night.

A Flexible Agenda

I’m a creature of habit and don’t do well with sudden change. When I met my husband and realized that being extremely punctual wasn’t important to him I thought, Hmm this is going to be a real problem. Early on in our relationship he suggested that when we got where we were going would be the right time. What heretic nonsense. It didn’t take long for me to see that he was right. So after that lesson, I began to explore the idea that sometimes stuff happens and we have to go with the flow as they say or we end up unhappy and worse.

The inability to be flexible for someone like me can cause all sorts of problem. Loosen up and make some plan B’s in case plan A doesn’t work out. I promise you it won’t lead to your death.

I was planning to go to the pool this morning. By the time I was ready to leave storms of near biblical proportion (2012!!!!!!!) were bearing down on my corner of New Jersey and after much gnashing of teeth I decided to skip the pool. Okay so what now. Generally I would spend an hour wondering if I made the right decision and lamenting the loss of my workout. Instead I changed my clothes and went to CURVES and did my hour workout. Guess what I felt good and if the weather permits, I’ll be at the pool tomorrow! Life goes on.

This is the after Zumba face!

Picture says it all. I am always glad when class begin and ends!

After Zumba. Yeah!


Today I received my 50lb. weight loss disc from my Weight Watchers leader. I was and am still pumped. Must keep the momentum!

Fifty Pounds and Counting!

How do You Eat an Elephant?

Okay you’ve heard this many times before but on days like today I need the reminder. One bite at a time. That’s it.

Happy Thursday

Conquer the Pool

Not sure what day this is but I must say that the water is addicting. For the first time I did one lap (25 yds) freestyle without the flippers on! I was tired but I got there. I am concentrating on this stroke and take all the advice I can get from Coach and swimmers. Don’t want to get bad habits I can’t break later. While the group practiced their flip turns, I tried to flip. Hmm, water up the nose, not a full flip but I tried. Some of the team did a 4 mile bike ride before the pool. Good grief, these people are determined to get me physically fit. What next?

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Moving and Not Going Anywhere?

Do you ever have those days when you think you need to be doing something and you’re not doing it? I started out the day like I had planned, Curves then the pool. Did some school work and now I’m getting ready to leave for the evening class I teach. I just have that feeling like I need to do more. My natural reaction is to make big ones out of little ones and I have some unfinished business that I need to complete by Wednesday. I know that I will get it done but I feel like a cartoon character with an anvil in a bubble over my head. Hmm, breathe. One thing at a time.

The desire to do it all at once isn’t good or productive. Pace yourself and usually you get it all done. If you don’t, there’s always tomorrow!

Summer Smells So Good!

Since I was a kid, like most people I have associated smells with seasons. My favorite summer smell is sunscreen. For some reason my mood is instantly elevated when I get up in the morning and put on a sunscreen with a traditional smell. I spent most of the summers of my youth¬† in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass and sunscreen takes me back there. Going to the Flying Horses, hitting the Clam Bar, the Tisbury Fair, lobster rolls all brought to mind by a simple spray can of sun protection. Ah well I am so easily pleased these days!

Conquer the Pool – Day Six & Seven

So yesterday was the backstroke. Hmm…. Not too coordinated yet. I get on my back and start kicking and when I look up I’m basically in the same place. Lol! So I took advice from some of the team members and the coach and began to work on my kick. I still have a long way to go. Today they were working on the butterfly. Really? I can’t get my head wrapped around that yet. So while they did that I concentrated on my backstroke kick. I used my flippers but concentrated on making sure that I used my whole leg. I did 14 laps with the flippers (not too hard) then I did 12 more old backstroke and side stroke. Felt pretty good. Won’t get back until Monday. I’ll miss it!

I love this pool!!

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