Monthly Archives: November 2013

Can’t Afford To Save Money!!!!

So is this too much to ask? I want to open savings accounts for my granddaughters. Just something small to get them started and I intend to occasionally put money into each account (I have two granddaughters). The major bank that my son and daughter-in-law use wants $5.00 per month for balances under $300.00! Really? I found one that only requires a $50.00 deposit and charges $1.00 per month if the balance goes below the $50.00 mark. These are the same people who are offering interest rates that are little more than if you kept the money in the sock draw like grandma did. I just want the kids to get the idea that they need to save to get the little things that they want. I realize that you don’t get rich this way but it’s a start.

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