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Everyone Needs a Break

Today is my husbands birthday. At the last minute we found out that his best friend and family were going to Atlantic City (NJ) and we decided to join them for the night. So yesterday we drove down. Had dinner with them and I did a little casino time with them. Hubby doesn’t partake. This morning by 8:30 a.m. we were on the beach. I began walking and before I knew it I had walked three miles. Then in the chilly ocean and some time on the beach. It wasn’t much but it was fantastic!!! No matter what the budget (ours was very small) you need to get away when you can. Trust me.

Atlantic City July 2013 017

Me at the beach this morning

The Atlantic

The Atlantic

Is Everyone Nuts???????

The mayor of San Diego has asked for forgiveness after a ton of women came forth and accused him of inappropriate behavior. He asked one woman to come to work without her underwear. Okay it’s so ridiculous that I had to repeat it.  He said it’ll be okay because he is going to begin two weeks of intensive therapy. Anthony Weiner says that he told everyone that he didn’t stop sexting right away.   He’s okay now though and we can trust him to keep his mind on the business of running New York City.  Eliot Spitzer figures that all is forgiven and he can run for comptroller. I mean he only used a credit card to pay prostitutes.

Not judging personal behavior but I think if you do certain stupid things, you don’t need to be representing me. Just saying.

Zimmerman Verdict — What I Expected

In households of color in America young men are taught the basics of survival in the event that they have a run in with police and/or others that may perceive them as a threat. I am not talking about how to survive when engaged in criminal activity, I am talking about surviving the walk home from school or basketball or the movies. I began explaining this lesson to my son when he was about twelve years old. “If you get stopped, don’t talk back, do what they say and call me when you can. We’ll sort out what happened once you are safely back home”. He knew the drill and eventually had to put it into practice. Fortunately he got home and it only happened one time. He was fortunate. Trayvon Martin wasn’t.

I believe that it has made my son a good policeman. He can’t help but remember how he was treated. Perhaps we should have all kids followed and profiled so that they know how it feels. We have to do better America. This issue has once again divided our population along racial lines. Everyone is very sensitive and we never know what will happen after one of these events. What I do know is that without some serious action I will be having the same talk I had with my son with Trent my three-year old grandson. I hope not but I still know what to say.

Roof Open, Staycation On

I won’t be traveling this summer so I have to take my outdoor time when and where I can. This morning the staff at JFK recreation center in Newark, NJ opened the roof to our pool. I had no choice but to swim my requisite sixteen laps just to take advantage of the cool water and the warm sunshine. Lots of sunscreen and though I don’t generally wear one, a bathing cap to protect my pate from the sun. It was heavenly! So I can’t get to the Islands, I have my own water adventure five days a week for the next two months. The health benefits are the icing on the cake as they say.

Sixteen Laps – 864 Yards – Dang Near A 1/2 Mile!!!

Calculations are rough but today I did SIXTEEN LAPS!!!! Meters to yards this is .16  short of 1/2 mile. I can’t believe it. It wasn’t pretty or fast but it got done. Did a lot for my mental state for sure. Can I duplicate it or go further? We’ll see.

Can a Swimmer get a Break?

JFK with roof rolled back

JFK with roof rolled back

This is what I should have seen this morning. Today was the day that the roof was rolled back for the summer. Instead it has rained most of the day and the forecast calls for more of the same for the rest of the week.

Can a swimmer get a break?

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