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Gray Hair, Who Cares?

Well I hate to admit it but I guess I care. I had a hair cut this week and  generally that cheers me up. This time while I was in the chair and the hairs started falling I noticed to my horror that lots of gray hairs were among the casualties. I know that you may be thinking what’s the big deal you are 60. So what. Until now thanks to genetics I didn’t have any gray hair. I noticed a few in recent months and now this. Those things are sprouting like crab grass. Anyway after the initial shock I’ve decided to welcome them and move on. If they don’t mind I guess I don’t. Bring it on!

Travel Memories

Jamaica memories

Haven’t been able to work a trip into my itinerary lately so I’m happy looking at pictures that I’ve taken. Sun and fun is always a good thing!

My Body May Be Aging But I’m Not

A few weeks ago I wrote about attending my college reunion and the great thing about getting together with friend is that they see past the older body to the young you that they knew. And though I have religious and spiritual belief it took me this long to really get the concept that while my body is definitely aging, I’m not. When I wake up in the morning it’ like returning from space and encountering gravity again. During my sleep and the periods just before sleeping and upon waking, I am one with my thoughts and plan and still have lots of ideas about what I want to do. It’s after I wake up and sit up (oops!) and stand for the first time every day that I realize that my body is a bit older than I am. The idea that we are not our body is for me very liberating and it allows me to go on. I am doing my best to take care of the body because I still need it. I know though that at some point I won’t need it. Thought for today!

People Tell Me Things

I’ve talked about this in the past but it has been on my mind again lately. People, usually strangers, tell me things. Revealing personal things that I certainly don’t ask them. I keep thinking that there is a divine universal purpose for this gift but I haven’t found it yet. I am not in a profession that could take advantage of it. All things artistic are what I love and I haven’t found a way to use this gift in those pursuits. Maybe I am not using my intuition to the fullest and this is all tied in. I can be oblivious when I want to. This is going to be my creative summer and I plan to be very productive. Periodically visit my other blog to see what I’m up to.

Cherry Blossoms Branch Brook Park Newark NJ 2008

Time Stands Still For Friends

If the divine plan permits I will be attending my college reunion in early June.  Forty three years ago I was a college freshman of seventeen and sure that I knew all the answers in the universe. I made friends that year and over the next four and I am still friends with many of them. So here’s the good thing about long time friends. They just see their friend, not their “old” friend. So we are slower, maybe grayer so what. I see the girls that I went to parties with and shared meals and drama with. The guys I thought were handsome still look that way to me even forty-three years later. I guess you would call this the blindness of friendship and I think it’s a great thing. It may be hard for young people to understand but if you live long enough you’ll understand and hopefully enjoy the same.


It’s Never to Late to Look Our Best

My Mom was 96 today and she  said that if today is her last day she’s had a good life and she can’t live forever. On the one hand she is one with her destiny and on the other, about an hour after this conversation she came our of her room with her hair done, make up on and wearing a lovely stylish outfit. She looks younger than her years and is still fairly vain. It made me laugh but it was also a reminder that it’s never to late to spruce up our appearance. Sometimes we don’t feel like it but it really does make you feel better. Look as if!

My Grandson calls his Dad Yo!

Hmm. Could it be because his Dad says “yo, what are you doing”, “yo, don’t do that” It goes on. Okay people I’ve said this before,  words have power. If you are around little ones remember that they learn by emulating those around them that includes the things we say, yo.

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