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I Have Not Abandoned You

I have been lost in my brain for weeks. Doing school work, swimming and occasionally picking up my knit or crochet projects. Time management is still a challenge for me and I have made some progress but I never seem to have enough time.  I do still love this blog and I will attempt to be more faithful in the future.

I am often surprised by how much I still want to accomplish in year sixty. Finding time doesn’t seem to get easier even though I work far less than in the past. I am always busy! My friends are now trying to talk me into a mini-triathlon. Whew. What next? Actually I can’t wait!

Gray Hair, Who Cares?

Well I hate to admit it but I guess I care. I had a hair cut this week and  generally that cheers me up. This time while I was in the chair and the hairs started falling I noticed to my horror that lots of gray hairs were among the casualties. I know that you may be thinking what’s the big deal you are 60. So what. Until now thanks to genetics I didn’t have any gray hair. I noticed a few in recent months and now this. Those things are sprouting like crab grass. Anyway after the initial shock I’ve decided to welcome them and move on. If they don’t mind I guess I don’t. Bring it on!

Sixty years of Wisdom

So I turned sixty today! That even amazes me. So here is sixty years of wisdom. Don’t look back. You can’t relive the past,  and quiet as its kept as they say, you can’t change it! Let it go and concentrate on today. There is so much left to do and thinking about what you didn’t do just gets in the way. I am thinking about my next knitting/crochet project and what I can make for the kids for the holidays. I’m thinking about taking a class and there is always my teaching. So look in the direction you’re moving and make sure that’s forward.

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