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Swimming Alone is Fine

My team members have been MIA this week. I have been swimming alone. It’s okay because I have a goal and since no one can help me accomplish it, I don’t mind practicing alone. Not that my team is not important to me because they are. They are my biggest supporters and have become an extension of  my family. I just have to be careful not to use them as a crutch or an excuse. Every day I come to the pool with a plan and I have to follow that plan no matter what. I just sent an email to everyone asking that they just let me know that they are okay. They’ll be back. I’ll be waiting.

TriWomen hear I come!

September is a ways off but to compete in my first sprint triathlon (The Danskin)  I have to begin training now. So far people are either very supportive or they snicker when I tell them my plans. It’s okay the only thing that can stop me is my mind and I’m working on that now. The “quiet riot” in my head got the best of me at first today and I stopped short of swimming fifty yards. Then I thought, not long ago I couldn’t do 25 yards without gasping for air. I have adequate air but I can still talk myself out of success real fast. So every day I continue to work on it. Yesterday my friend Roz sent an email about the 2013 kickoff of the TriWomen group in Scotch Plains – Fanwood, NJ. Wow the commitment is real. I believe that I can do this step by step. Borrowed a bike. Scared to get on it though. Sure I can walk the run (knee issues you know) but the open water still freaks me out. But darn it, I’m gonna do it. Stay tuned!

Spa Night Lessons ….Or My V-8 moment

Yesterday my church had a spa program for the ladies. Among other things I volunteered to do a guided meditation using Young Living Essential Oils my favorite. After having done an hour or two of hand and arm massage, I got everyone quiet and did a short meditation.  After we finished people were coming up to me and thanking me for a few minutes of pleasant peace. I felt like I was having a V-8 moment. I wanted to pop myself in the forehead. Why don’t I do as I say? Starting each day appreciating the things that I have and looking forward to a whatever is ahead. Prayer and meditation should be my routine.  So I’m happy we did the spa day. It was another reminder of what’s really important.

Did I Mention That I Love My Nook?

The Nook that my husband gave me for my birthday is my new favorite toy. Like Apple, Barnes & Noble offers free classes to Nook owners and I took one recently. Wow! I am finding new ways to use it weekly. I keep my grades and attendance on it and take notes and read books. I also use it  to look at my YouTube knitting and crocheting videos. And oh yes my guilty pleasure playing games. I was introduced to Quell by someone at the Nook seminar. OMG, I’m hooked. Very adult and lots of fun. Good for the brain for sure. Best of all I have a picture of the cutest grandboy in the world on mine!!


In The Zone Once Again

Today, Wednesday, the coldest day of the year so far for us and I decide to visit a gym where some of my friends belong. It’s fairly new and has all the requisite equipment. The price is right and so I embarked on a mini-workout. Wow I’m out of shape. Swimming does somethings but my muscles need work. Part of my reason for doing this is to improve my strength in the pool. Anyway I took my ipod and started walking on the treadmill. Like the pool I can get lost in the activity at the gym. Don’t need anyone to go with me. Sorry but I don’t need to chitchat. Today I was appalled at how little stamina I had on the treadmill, bike and elliptical machine. The challenge has been presented and I will slip into my zone tomorrow when I get there. I love it.

Lessons from Mom

My Christmas 2012 age 96

My Christmas 2012 age 96

I was just going through the pictures that we took last month and came across this one. It’s my Mom. If we’re lucky she’ll be 97 in March. She has all of her faculties and basically takes care of her self. She won’t leave the house any more but she gets around inside. Yesterday was one of her most important days. She got to see the President sworn in for a second time. She voted for him both times (the second with an absentee ballot) and marvels at living long enough to see his presidency. Being born the grand-daughter of slaves it’s a pretty big deal to her. While we don’t always agree – both of us are opinionated – I have learned lots of lessons from her. For sure she has aged with grace and does not take any day for granted. She tells us often that if she goes today it’s okay. She has lived her life. She has few friends left but keeps  up with mine and they enjoy the time and conversations with her. She dotes on the great grandkids and no matter how much she tries to get away from them when she’s tired, they end up in her room. She still puts on lipstick every day and recently had me order several of her favorite perfumes. She smells pretty good in the morning when she comes out to take her medicine! Don’t ask her opinion if you don’t want it.  I’ve learned that one the hard way. All in all it’s a delight to have her around.

Who Can Predict The Weather?

For the last ten years I have fed the birds in my yard. Normally we see a group of regulars including Mourning Doves, Finches, Sparrows, and big obnoxious Blue Jays. Last week we had a surprise visit from a hawk. Needless to say he cleared the area. Anyway we occasionally see a pair of Cardinals. It dawned on my husband and I that we only see the Cardinals when it has or is about to snow. Hmn. I saw them today and snow is predicted for the over night hours. I’ll let you know. If I’m right you can just contact me before traveling. Lol!!!

Resisting the Urge to Hibernate

It’s winter and I believe that I’m not alone when I say that it’s tough to get the work out in. I wear this little gadget called and Activelink which I purchased from Weight Watchers. It syncs with your computer and registers all of your daily activities. Fits into my lifestyle and unlike other gadgets of this type I can wear it in the pool. Anyway during the summer and fall I was working out at least six days a week and the effort was showing. Now it’s winter and even though I am in the pool 3-4 days a week even there I’m not putting forth the effort I did earlier in the year. This week I’m going to add an at home workout and up my efforts in the pool. I know I need it but sitting on the couch knitting with a fire in the fireplace seems pretty neat. Any suggestions out there?

Can You Appreciate the Small Victories?

I had a lot to get accomplished today. Nothing major just a lot of little things. Pool, parking permit, pick up textbook, teach. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it took from 9:00 am. until 4:00 pm. I had put off getting the book and permit because last week was the first week of school and with students needing the same things as I did, I knew the lines were going to be killer. They were. Not however today, one week later. Everything went smoothly and I got everything done. So what is my point? There can be satisfaction in the small victories. Take those days with satisfaction because some days things don’t go as nicely.  If you should have one of those rocky days remember, it’s just 24 hours.

Wow! I Did It!!!

Today only Tony and I were at the pool. This time of year is rough and everybody can’t make it every day. Anyway I told him what Corey suggested to increase my freestyle distance and proceeded to show him. I made it down the pool turned around and headed to the second line. After a couple of times Tony said see how far you can go. Well I did a bit more than the second line but that was it. So he said can you get a song in your head and sing it to yourself. I said yes. So he said okay we’re going to swim a lap slowly and you concentrate on the song in your head. Turn at the end and just see how far you can come. So we did and I made it about 3/4 ‘s of the way back before I felt like I was out of breath. Next Tony said okay swim slowly and when you turn just keep singing. Well I’ll be darned. Two laps, 50 yds. done!!! We talked for a while and I said I have to leave and Tony  said okay let’s do two more laps. I did it a second time. I love my team & coach!!!

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