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Triathlon Bound

I had to miss my workout today due to Dr.’s appointment. I am diabetic and on a mission to take good care of myself. I told the Doctor of my intention to do a Tri in September and she said by all means go for it. Since 2009 when I began to see her I have lost over forty pounds and am no doubt in better physical shape than I was in my forties. Having said that I know that I will have a long training road. Several people have visited my blog in the last few days and I will be following their journey’s this year as well. I hope to do at least one run/walk a month as part of my training. I will also be raising money for different organizations at the same time. It’s all good. We will make this trip together.

More of a Reality Every Day

I’ve officially become a member of the TriWomen the group dedicated to getting you ready and through triathlons. While I’m still in some form of denial I am taking the steps that will lead me to the yellow brick road. Several of my swim buddies say that they are going to take part but today one told me she is still unsure that she can actually do it. I’m saying it daily and I am just that determined. I will not be deterred. Eight months to train and every day I say it out loud. I intend to be there.

TriWomen hear I come!

September is a ways off but to compete in my first sprint triathlon (The Danskin)  I have to begin training now. So far people are either very supportive or they snicker when I tell them my plans. It’s okay the only thing that can stop me is my mind and I’m working on that now. The “quiet riot” in my head got the best of me at first today and I stopped short of swimming fifty yards. Then I thought, not long ago I couldn’t do 25 yards without gasping for air. I have adequate air but I can still talk myself out of success real fast. So every day I continue to work on it. Yesterday my friend Roz sent an email about the 2013 kickoff of the TriWomen group in Scotch Plains – Fanwood, NJ. Wow the commitment is real. I believe that I can do this step by step. Borrowed a bike. Scared to get on it though. Sure I can walk the run (knee issues you know) but the open water still freaks me out. But darn it, I’m gonna do it. Stay tuned!

How Many Yards in a 1/2 Mile?

880 yards, rounding up 36 laps of my practice pool. This is important to me because I intend to do the Danskin triathlon in September. Thirty-six laps omg. Right now I am sputtering on two laps wearing my zoomers. Well I just have to keep trying. The last few days I have begun to count my strokes (thanks Yelena) and for the first time I am making a lap without freaking out and thinking that I’m out of air (cause I’m not) So I believe that I will be able to swim more than a half mile by September. We’ll talk about the open water freak out later.

What Does Fitness Look Like?

Today I went with my friend Terrell to see Roz compete in the Danskin Triathlon at Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Roz swims with us and she has trained in the pool to make sure that she could do the 1/2 mile open water swim. Of course she did fine and completed the 1/2 mile swim, 10 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. Not sure of her official time but it was around 2 hours. Wow! I was pumped and I was just a volunteer. I got to play with a road bike (OMG it is so light) and I talked to tons of athletes. Terrell and I asked them how it was, if they had done a tri before etc. Got lots of info and encouragement for competing next year. It’s a strong maybe.

So what does fitness look like? Today it was young we met some 14 year olds, it was 20 something, 30 something, 40 something, 50 something and yes there were the 60’s like me and I hear the oldest entrant was 82!. They were thin and athletic and short and stout.  Just pick your typical workday crowd on the train and put them in workout clothes.  That’s what I saw today. It was thrilling and who knows maybe this time next year I’ll be posting a picture of myself wearing that neat metal!!!

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