What Does Fitness Look Like?

Today I went with my friend Terrell to see Roz compete in the Danskin Triathlon at Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Roz swims with us and she has trained in the pool to make sure that she could do the 1/2 mile open water swim. Of course she did fine and completed the 1/2 mile swim, 10 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. Not sure of her official time but it was around 2 hours. Wow! I was pumped and I was just a volunteer. I got to play with a road bike (OMG it is so light) and I talked to tons of athletes. Terrell and I asked them how it was, if they had done a tri before etc. Got lots of info and encouragement for competing next year. It’s a strong maybe.

So what does fitness look like? Today it was young we met some 14 year olds, it was 20 something, 30 something, 40 something, 50 something and yes there were the 60’s like me and I hear the oldest entrant was 82!. They were thin and athletic and short and stout.  Just pick your typical workday crowd on the train and put them in workout clothes.  That’s what I saw today. It was thrilling and who knows maybe this time next year I’ll be posting a picture of myself wearing that neat metal!!!

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  1. Very nice! It’s always inspiring to see anyone accomplish something as challenging as a triathlon. I good luck, I’ll be watching for a follow up post from you about this time next year!

  2. Great post! Good luck.. Make that strong maybe into a definite!

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