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As weeks go, this was a challenging one for sure

Yes it was a real doozy. One thing after another, day after day. I posted the other day that I profess faith and needed to call on it. For sure! Now as things go I don’t want to seem ungrateful because that’s not true. I am blessed. Still things happen and this week lots of them happened.

Anyway here I am at the end of the week still standing and prayerful that next week won’t have as many challenges. We never know. I do know that they don’t last forever. My cup is always half full. Never half empty

How do we meet the challenges?

It’s not if we meet challenges it when. This has been a challenging week. Long story but I work for a period every semester before I get paid. I had hoped to be paid by at least one employer today. No such luck. Been up since 5:45 am. because I fell asleep at 9:00 pm. I’m not a morning person and find it a bit depressing to be up early. Anyway it’s not 9:00 am yet and checked both banks, no pay, the garage door cable broke and we have to manually open the door (almost impossible for me it’s so heavy). Will have to rearrange my day if the garage door guy can’t get here until later because we have a problem with the front door lock and generally use the garage doors. So far don’t see my day going like I envisioned. Without a lot of gory details the whole week has been like this. So the question is how do we meet the challenges?

I for one am writing about mine first thing in the am. Then I’m gonna regroup and figure out what I can do today. Have to go out twice, then in until tomorrow. Maybe it’s a regroup day. I will not be defeated. I say I have faith so today will be a day to prove that. Have a good one!

Never too much encouragement

My swim crew sees no limits for themselves or for me. I often remind them that I am years older than most (not all) but they tell me so what. Diving off the blocks? I say not going to happen, they say yes it is. Swimming freestyle without my fins? Still a struggle but I am encouraged that with practice I will be able to do it. They have become a new part of my family and I am thinking that I will do some of this stuff. We listen to so much negative stuff. In our own minds, from those who say they care, co-workers, employers. You know the deal. It’s nice to hear what you can do. After a while you begin to believe it!

Dinner with the Girls

Yesterday was my college roommates 60th birthday and four of us came to celebrate with her.  It was a nice night. I have been friends Lynn since we were 4 & 5 and 40 to 42 years with the rest, from college to now. Virtually all of our lives!  When I’m with them now we talk about children, grandchildren, our remaining parents (one Dad and two Moms left in the group) and of course about the good old days. We are an energetic group and even though the calendar says that we are all (except one) in our 60’s it’s hard for me to believe. You can’t tell by our activity levels or our attitudes. Age is really just a number!

Renee’s 60th me on the left , Jackie, Renee center, Lynn, Cynthia far right

Conquer the Pool

At first I was keeping track of the days that I went to the pool. Now I have months in and the individual days don’t seem to matter as much. I have a goal and that is to compete some way, some how in twelve months. Perhaps it will be the Danskin Triathlon or it may be a short course meet somewhere but that is my goal. We had our first team meeting yesterday moving towards registering our team with the State Master Swim organization. Some of us are planning to attend a meet in October so we can see what it’s like. They tell me that making the decision is the first step. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m on the way. I will need a large cheering section. I’ll keep you informed.

The Last Slip in America

Okay so I know that I am considered middle-aged by some and old by others and that may account for the reason that I wear a slip under my dresses. I have to ask you though, don’t you see what I see when I’m walking down the street in the summer? All of natures errors are out there for for the world to see. Hello! you do know that the dress you’re wearing is see through? And you do know that you don’t have the best shape? I’m not sure where the disconnect is. Unfortunately for me, finding slips is almost impossible. If I want to cut off my breathing, I can get some of that shapewear but I like to feel my extremities. A regular slip? Obviously  I’m the only one looking for one.

What Does Fitness Look Like?

Today I went with my friend Terrell to see Roz compete in the Danskin Triathlon at Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Roz swims with us and she has trained in the pool to make sure that she could do the 1/2 mile open water swim. Of course she did fine and completed the 1/2 mile swim, 10 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. Not sure of her official time but it was around 2 hours. Wow! I was pumped and I was just a volunteer. I got to play with a road bike (OMG it is so light) and I talked to tons of athletes. Terrell and I asked them how it was, if they had done a tri before etc. Got lots of info and encouragement for competing next year. It’s a strong maybe.

So what does fitness look like? Today it was young we met some 14 year olds, it was 20 something, 30 something, 40 something, 50 something and yes there were the 60’s like me and I hear the oldest entrant was 82!. They were thin and athletic and short and stout.  Just pick your typical workday crowd on the train and put them in workout clothes.  That’s what I saw today. It was thrilling and who knows maybe this time next year I’ll be posting a picture of myself wearing that neat metal!!!

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