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Pause and Reflect

Yesterday morning I looked at my phone and saw a message from a college classmate who lives in Paris. The message was to let me know that one of our friends had passed away. As is human nature shock is followed by a sense of one’s mortality. I hadn’t seen him for years and unlike some of us he was not a social medial person so the news took us by surprise for sure. My college roommate who is the practical voice among us said well we are at the age where this will be happening. Cheery thought but true. It made me think that there is a lot to be said for  Carpe Diem thinking. While tomorrow may not be our last, all kinds of things can steal our joy. Enjoy every day that you can. Don’t take any for granted.

Have a good evening.

Never too much encouragement

My swim crew sees no limits for themselves or for me. I often remind them that I am years older than most (not all) but they tell me so what. Diving off the blocks? I say not going to happen, they say yes it is. Swimming freestyle without my fins? Still a struggle but I am encouraged that with practice I will be able to do it. They have become a new part of my family and I am thinking that I will do some of this stuff. We listen to so much negative stuff. In our own minds, from those who say they care, co-workers, employers. You know the deal. It’s nice to hear what you can do. After a while you begin to believe it!

Dinner with the Girls

Yesterday was my college roommates 60th birthday and four of us came to celebrate with her.  It was a nice night. I have been friends Lynn since we were 4 & 5 and 40 to 42 years with the rest, from college to now. Virtually all of our lives!  When I’m with them now we talk about children, grandchildren, our remaining parents (one Dad and two Moms left in the group) and of course about the good old days. We are an energetic group and even though the calendar says that we are all (except one) in our 60’s it’s hard for me to believe. You can’t tell by our activity levels or our attitudes. Age is really just a number!

Renee’s 60th me on the left , Jackie, Renee center, Lynn, Cynthia far right

Time Stands Still For Friends

If the divine plan permits I will be attending my college reunion in early June.  Forty three years ago I was a college freshman of seventeen and sure that I knew all the answers in the universe. I made friends that year and over the next four and I am still friends with many of them. So here’s the good thing about long time friends. They just see their friend, not their “old” friend. So we are slower, maybe grayer so what. I see the girls that I went to parties with and shared meals and drama with. The guys I thought were handsome still look that way to me even forty-three years later. I guess you would call this the blindness of friendship and I think it’s a great thing. It may be hard for young people to understand but if you live long enough you’ll understand and hopefully enjoy the same.


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