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Diving ??????

So I had a very challenging week including the cold that is still hanging on. I really wrestled with whether or not to go to the pool today but I missed the entire week so I went. The crew among other things was practicing their dives off of the blocks. Oh please! I can’t even think about that. But okay we all went to the diving area and I agreed to go off the edge of the pool. Well my feet were glued to the pool deck. I began to get light-headed and there may have been a bit of hyperventilation. Finally the coach said okay we go on three. I went. It wasn’t pretty but I did it. Then again and then again. Still needs lots of work but I’ll keep trying.

Failure isn’t an option!

Never too much encouragement

My swim crew sees no limits for themselves or for me. I often remind them that I am years older than most (not all) but they tell me so what. Diving off the blocks? I say not going to happen, they say yes it is. Swimming freestyle without my fins? Still a struggle but I am encouraged that with practice I will be able to do it. They have become a new part of my family and I am thinking that I will do some of this stuff. We listen to so much negative stuff. In our own minds, from those who say they care, co-workers, employers. You know the deal. It’s nice to hear what you can do. After a while you begin to believe it!

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