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I’ve asked you not to call me Miss!!!

I know that it’s supposed to be a sign of respect but really I can’t stand being called Miss.  I accept getting older. Other than a few aches and pains most days I’m good with it. Then somebody with grown kids will say hi Miss Karen and my whole day goes bad. Okay so I’m a little sensitive about it but for Pete’s sake when someone with gray hair is calling me the M word it sends me over the edge.

So listen carefully, there is no Miss on my birth certificate. Karen will do. Please and thank you!

Conquer the Pool – A New Chapter

So eight weeks into my conquer the pool program and today (with my flippers on) for the first time I did two laps (50 yds) in freestyle without gasping for air. I truly believe that my issues have been more mental than physical so today I concentrated on my stroke and not making it down and back. So it seemed to work. Tomorrow I am going for lap 3. 35 to go and I will have a half mile in! Hope springs eternal!


VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. Somewhat of a mystery for someone raised in the Catholic Church of the 1950’s and 60’s.  I am still fairly new to the Baptist tradition and this was my first Vacation Bible School. So let me give you some background. I now attend a church where the pastor and first lady are friends and have been for many years. They are an energetic couple who have made youth their personal ministries. They are two big kids and I mean this in the best way! We are a small congregation and sadly as happens in many religious experiences today we don’t have many kids attending church regularly. Pastor talked up VBS and we had between 25-30 people from 2 to mid-teens every night!

I mention this because it is not often that kids get to be kids any more. We played games, sang songs and I figure we will be cleaning up beads, paper and glue for months. My husband and two other church members cooked with them. The VBS  theme was Heavens Kitchen. They laughed made pretzels, sandwich wraps and cupcakes and generally had a ball. I did very little but I was exhausted and I know that Pastor and First Lady had to be tired because they worked all day and did kid all evening!

We have to do more of these activities for our kids. Many of them are not getting what they need at home. Doesn’t make their families bad people, probably mostly overwhelmed. Any way I can’t wait until our next activity with the little ones.

I Have Not Abandoned You

I have been lost in my brain for weeks. Doing school work, swimming and occasionally picking up my knit or crochet projects. Time management is still a challenge for me and I have made some progress but I never seem to have enough time.  I do still love this blog and I will attempt to be more faithful in the future.

I am often surprised by how much I still want to accomplish in year sixty. Finding time doesn’t seem to get easier even though I work far less than in the past. I am always busy! My friends are now trying to talk me into a mini-triathlon. Whew. What next? Actually I can’t wait!

Crazier by the Minute

For the first time probably thirty years I jumped off of the diving board. Notice I said jumped. Not very dignified but I gave it a shot. Making progress every day.

Jumping off the board. Not pretty but I did it

I don’t even remember holding my nose. LOL!

Patience and the Pool

So another valuable piece of information today. Mike told me today that the conventional wisdom is that it takes a year to learn a stroke well. Whew! I can slow down and take my time. Didn’t have my flippers today so I had to push without them. Well I did almost two laps freestyle. I am pumped and now I know that I will be working on it for a while. I have revised my schedule to swim a mile. Hmm maybe next summer? Who cares I’m not in a hurry. I love the pool!!!!

I Am Not A Groupie By Nature

After the Girl Scouts, I can’t remember having the desire to join a group. Didn’t pledge a sorority in college much to the disappointment of some, no ladies clubs (not me) bridge or other. So you get the picture. Anyway at this phase of my life I find myself affiliated with three groups that I couldn’t do without. My Bergen Crafters (they are as crazy as I am about crochet and my knitting love is gaining on some of them), my newest Brick City MasterSwim (they make me see possibilities I hadn’t considered) and my Willing Hearts Weight Watchers group ( cause they feel my pain and my victory).  So here’s to groups!

Is Our Best Good Enough?

I have been glued to the TV for the Olympics. Especially the swimming which is something I’ve loved my whole life. Gabby Douglas however has turned my attention to gymnastics and I must admit I have paid attention to this sport for the first time. I have cheered and felt sorry for these young people as they reach their highs and lows. I have observed however, a very disturbing thing. Well at least for me it’s disturbing.  I have seen young people crying without consolation for coming in second or third.

Now I realize that they probably train with the idea and belief that they will go for the gold. To me that’s fine. Aim high. I get the sense however that they feel no satisfaction with second or third place. Don’t we tell our children from an early age “do your best” Is this not what we believe?  When my son was involved in competitive sports I would always remind him that there would be another game. Actually to his credit, he was generally over the loss by the time we got in the car. To me that’s healthy. Being distraught may be an unhealthy response to losing at the Olympics. I understand how hard it is for most of them to get to where the games are but they do their best once there.

Last night I saw the face of the father of one of the Olympians and he actually looked angry when his child didn’t win. What message are we sending? Doing your best should be good enough for anyone. Where are we headed with this negative attitude?


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