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I’ve asked you not to call me Miss!!!

I know that it’s supposed to be a sign of respect but really I can’t stand being called Miss.  I accept getting older. Other than a few aches and pains most days I’m good with it. Then somebody with grown kids will say hi Miss Karen and my whole day goes bad. Okay so I’m a little sensitive about it but for Pete’s sake when someone with gray hair is calling me the M word it sends me over the edge.

So listen carefully, there is no Miss on my birth certificate. Karen will do. Please and thank you!

My Body May Be Aging But I’m Not

A few weeks ago I wrote about attending my college reunion and the great thing about getting together with friend is that they see past the older body to the young you that they knew. And though I have religious and spiritual belief it took me this long to really get the concept that while my body is definitely aging, I’m not. When I wake up in the morning it’ like returning from space and encountering gravity again. During my sleep and the periods just before sleeping and upon waking, I am one with my thoughts and plan and still have lots of ideas about what I want to do. It’s after I wake up and sit up (oops!) and stand for the first time every day that I realize that my body is a bit older than I am. The idea that we are not our body is for me very liberating and it allows me to go on. I am doing my best to take care of the body because I still need it. I know though that at some point I won’t need it. Thought for today!

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