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Self Talk and It’s Power

So yesterday when I was walking my second 5K of the year I engaged in a lot of negative self talk. After finishing the second of probably five small hills I began to tell myself you can’t do this. You should have done something to get ready even if you couldn’t walk in the park. Your legs can’t handle this, is that my heart I hear? OMG I instantly forgot that my average walk is 3 1/2 miles and on a good day I push that to 4 miles. Granted the hills were a surprise and I could have been in better shape to handle them but in the end it was the same 3 mile walk that I do often. At the mile two marker I said to myself okay get a grip. There is one mile to go and since you are following the same route back basically, a lot of it should be down hill. It was and before I knew it I was at the start/finish line. When I saw 55 minutes on the time clock I actually started to do my version of a jog  (It’s kind of sad) in an attempt to beat my 58 minutes  from the January 5K. I did it! Wow. I am only competing against myself so I have to quit the negative talk. It is so powerful!! Remember that the next time that you find yourself saying those counterproductive things to yourself. There are plenty of people to say negative stuff to you once you leave your head, the least you can do is be nice while you’re in your head!

Cupid’s Chase 5K Done!

Today was the rescheduled Cupid’s Chase 5K in Morristown, New Jersey. So I learned a lesson today. It’s a good idea to visit the route before doing it. I often walk 3 to 4 miles but my park route is for the most part flat. Morristown is full of hills! Half way through I was exhausted and out of breath. I kept telling myself that I could do the distance and just had to push through the hills. Did I mention the slight wind that we were generally walking into on the first half of the walk? By the time I could see the last hill which was just before the finish, the police said that we had to walk on the sidewalk because they were no longer curbing traffic. It was a messy finish uphill in slush and single file behind the walker in front of me. When we turned into the parking lot where we started and I saw the time clock I was amazed. I finished about a minute faster than my January 1, 2014 time. Go figure. Stay tuned for March event!

February 5K done!

February 5K done!

Vitamin C Spray Who Knew

So I am always concerned about the effects of pool chlorine. I know that there are other ways to keep pools clean but for the most part chlorine is the way that commercial pools generally go. Someone sent me an article via Facebook about combating the effects but I can’t find it so I googled it. Among other things most of the articles recommend that you spray hair and body with a Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) spray after swimming.

4.0 oz SwimSpray - Chlorine Removal Spray

Now I can’t verify the science and haven’t done heavy research but supposedly the spray removes the chlorine from skin and hair. You can also make your own with Vitamin C powder (the ascorbic acid kind not citric acid) and water. There are lots of recipes on-line. I am going to make my own and try it. I’ll be happy if the smell is gone. Won’t be able to verify the rest.

Winter Continues to Try Us

Okay I know it’s winter in the northeast blah, blah, blah. I’m just a bit impatient. I rode through the park two days ago and this is what our lake looks like

Weequahic Park Lake

Weequahic Park Lake

That’s the lake beyond the tree. It is snow-covered which means it is ice-covered and then snow-covered. The birds have gone elsewhere I guess because there is not a goose, duck or swan to be found. The synthetic track that everyone calls the red carpet is buried in the snow in front of the tree in the picture. The serious runners are still in the park but having to use the black top. Props to them. If it would just get back up to a sustained 30 degrees I’d get back to my walking.

After tomorrows snow threat we may actually see a warming trend! Who’d of thought that Sochi would be warmer.  LOL! Well there is a bit of good news, I took the picture at 5:18 pm and it wasn’t dark!!! Spring I know you’re out there!

I’m Spinning In Circles

I know that I live in the northeast and it’s the only home I’ve ever had but this winter has the best of me.  I will not say I know what a caged animal feels like because I’m positive that I don’t but I feel trapped. The snow has turned to ice and now it’s downright dangerous. People are almost double parked because the curbs are choked with ice. It’s like driving a obsticle course and you are always worried what you’ll come back to if you have to park your car. My students tell me the buses are crowded and don’t always stop. And guess what? It’s SNOWING!!!!!!!

Okay that feels better. I still have to get up in the snow tomorrow and go to school and my exercise routine has hit a major snag but how much longer can this last?


Skipped That Silly Flu Shot This Year….Guess What?

It’s nice to upright and coherent at the same time because for most of the week I wasn’t either. Walked 3.6 miles on last Sunday, went to church, visited Auntie in the nursing home and saw that Mom got her dinner. Got up in the snow on Monday drove to school to find 2 of my 24 students and oh yes that school was closing soon after I got there and barely made it back home. When I got home I went straight to my bed only to find that my very helpful husband had stripped the bed and done laundry. I grabbed the nearest blanket and climbed on to my bare mattress face down. I left there on Wednesday. Sometime in there my husband made the bed (I really didn’t care,  I was dying wasn’t I?) Chills, fever, sweats, no appetite( the surest sign of illness for me)  unable to stay awake. Wow! What could it be?

My Doctor claims it was the flu.  Just glad it’s gone.

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