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Skipped That Silly Flu Shot This Year….Guess What?

It’s nice to upright and coherent at the same time because for most of the week I wasn’t either. Walked 3.6 miles on last Sunday, went to church, visited Auntie in the nursing home and saw that Mom got her dinner. Got up in the snow on Monday drove to school to find 2 of my 24 students and oh yes that school was closing soon after I got there and barely made it back home. When I got home I went straight to my bed only to find that my very helpful husband had stripped the bed and done laundry. I grabbed the nearest blanket and climbed on to my bare mattress face down. I left there on Wednesday. Sometime in there my husband made the bed (I really didn’t care,  I was dying wasn’t I?) Chills, fever, sweats, no appetite( the surest sign of illness for me)  unable to stay awake. Wow! What could it be?

My Doctor claims it was the flu.  Just glad it’s gone.

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