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Needlepoint is my Craft of the Season

With my limited free time my crafts have suffered and I think that is not a good thing for me. In November I started a knitted Ten Stitch Blanket which I loved working on. By December however I had put it down and haven’t picked it up again.

In April I pulled out a needlepoint I started las spring as a gift and here I am a year later without much progress. Any way I am working on it a few nights a week and hope to see some progress.

What I’ve discovered is that my interest in my three crafts (knitting, crocheting and needlepoint) comes and goes. For years I have made myself feel guilty that I can’t just work a project until I finish it. But why feel guilty? My income doesn’t depend on my crafts and I don’t promise objects to friends. Hence the reason I don’t sell much of what I make. But it’s okay. I still enjoy doing them in my own time.

So this week it’s needlepoint. Maybe next week something else. Let’s see how it goes.

Going in So Many Directions

Semi-retired or not I am one busy lady. My mind goes in so many directions that I am not able to decide what needs writing about. Right now I am consumed with the business of our new AirBnB home business. I already have two blogs that I am neglecting but I think that my AirBnB business is a new blog in the works.

I do love to write my thoughts but just don’t seem to find the time. If things work out I will be home beginning the second week in July and intend to spend some time reaching out.

We’ll see. Lol!!!

I’m Alive

I just can’t find the time to post. I am too busy for one supposedly retired lady. I am still teaching online when I am given work and I started working for Weight Watchers a year ago and now I am really busy with that. I can think of all types of things to talk about but haven’t figured out when I can write. Did I mention that my husband and I began hosting AirBnB guests over the last month?

Who knew that I’d be busier at sixty-five than I was at fifty-five?????????????

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