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Hey! The Hair Dye Doesn’t Help!!!!

Okay I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. If you are  a man and your hair is gray or salt and pepper when you go home tonight, do not use that black hair dye  or as my friend calls it the shoe polish dye and come to work tomorrow. IT DOES NOT LOOK NATURAL!!! Especially if you do the mustache! You do realize that people are snickering when you leave the room.  Just saying.

The End of Creativity is Near!!!

My students get tired of me telling them how media and technology are ruining our ability to imagine and create but I believe that it’s true. My Mom was born in 1916 and she often talks about how they entertained themselves pre-TV. She said that my Great Aunts and Uncles would entertain by playing the guitar and piano and singing. She was and is a prolific reader and spent many an evening reading to amuse herself.  She passed that love of reading on to me.

My friends and I could play outside all day with a pair of skates, a jump rope and  a dollar for penny candy.  Today I saw a commercial for the movie Carrie. I thought it was for the original on TV but it wasn’t. They have actually remade Carrie. Does that make my point?

So Long Summer

Ordinarily I am sad when summer ends but this year for me personally, I’m not sorry to see it go. Perhaps one day I will go into detail but let’s just say that I  was not able to do what I set out to. I didn’t compete in my scheduled Triathlon and will have to wait until next year to do it.  So no crying over split summers. I officially  began training for the 2014 season. Not sweating the small stuff as they say.

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