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Call for help. It’s out there

Lee Thompson Young former Disney star apparently committed suicide early today. I didn’t know him as the “Famous Jett Jackson” but had watched him on Rizzoli and Isles” for several seasons now. He didn’t look the same to me this season but certainly I didn’t see trouble in his eyes. This scares me because more and more young people see death as the solution to their problems.

I can’t begin to understand how they feel because I don’t feel that way. I  know that there are people out there willing to help if they are reached out for.  All we can do is keep in touch and pray that the  person facing these issues  looks for help.

A Kind Word Can Mean So Much

Today at church a young man came up to me and hugged me and thanked me for encouraging him the week before. At first I was thinking what did I do? I thought some more and said to myself I guess that telling him perhaps learning patience was the lesson that he was to get from his recent undiagnosed illness. I told him that this summer for a variety of reasons I had begun to learn the same lesson. Things are not  always done in our time frame but one way or another they get done. Any way, after two separate hospitalizations he finally has a diagnosis and is receiving treatment. He is beginning to feel better and I was happy to hear that news. I didn’t think I did any thing and he felt differently.

So if the kind words are in your heart, let them out of your mouth. They may help some one.

I Don’t Like Everybody. Do You?

There is some wisdom with age. I don’t like everyone that I meet and that’s okay. If I can, I avoid people who rub me the wrong way. If I can’t avoid them, I try to keep physical distance. If I can’t do that I remind myself that I don’t have to be around them for long. This is a change from my younger self.

In the past I would have been confrontational or obnoxious when having to be around people who are not my cup of tea as they say. Now I realize that as long as they are not doing anything to harm me, I don’t have to give them much thought.

This topic came to mind because recently a friend took some unintentional actions to be a slight and became angry. I thought they were kidding when they said they were angry only to find out later that they were serious. Wow!

My advice to everyone is don’t take everything so seriously. There are always real issues on the horizon. Save the angry energy for when there is a real problem.



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