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Needlepoint is my Craft of the Season

With my limited free time my crafts have suffered and I think that is not a good thing for me. In November I started a knitted Ten Stitch Blanket which I loved working on. By December however I had put it down and haven’t picked it up again.

In April I pulled out a needlepoint I started las spring as a gift and here I am a year later without much progress. Any way I am working on it a few nights a week and hope to see some progress.

What I’ve discovered is that my interest in my three crafts (knitting, crocheting and needlepoint) comes and goes. For years I have made myself feel guilty that I can’t just work a project until I finish it. But why feel guilty? My income doesn’t depend on my crafts and I don’t promise objects to friends. Hence the reason I don’t sell much of what I make. But it’s okay. I still enjoy doing them in my own time.

So this week it’s needlepoint. Maybe next week something else. Let’s see how it goes.

Going in So Many Directions

Semi-retired or not I am one busy lady. My mind goes in so many directions that I am not able to decide what needs writing about. Right now I am consumed with the business of our new AirBnB home business. I already have two blogs that I am neglecting but I think that my AirBnB business is a new blog in the works.

I do love to write my thoughts but just don’t seem to find the time. If things work out I will be home beginning the second week in July and intend to spend some time reaching out.

We’ll see. Lol!!!

I’m Alive

I just can’t find the time to post. I am too busy for one supposedly retired lady. I am still teaching online when I am given work and I started working for Weight Watchers a year ago and now I am really busy with that. I can think of all types of things to talk about but haven’t figured out when I can write. Did I mention that my husband and I began hosting AirBnB guests over the last month?

Who knew that I’d be busier at sixty-five than I was at fifty-five?????????????

I Am Still Here

It’s been too long. I would be writing for weeks to explain why it’s been so long. I do think writing can be helpful and so maybe I will try to do it more often. I haven’t found the time in three months spring has turned to summer and the fall is staring me in the face. Think I lost my last Aunt since my last posting and I have had a few health challenges of my own. Ah well life goes on. Hope you are all well.

Back soon.

Can You Help Me With You Tube??????

okay I am begging for help with You Tube. I should know better than to get involved with technology that doesn’t involve a like person under any circumstances. Anyway I can’t access a You Tube channel that I’ve spent a year building. So HELP! Please pass it on.

If You Can, Call Your Mother Tonight and Here’s Why

My mother died January 4, 2016. That’s it. Even though I had her around for close to 65 years, she’s gone. And yes we could get on each others nerves and I often thought that she should filter what she said and patience was not her virtue. There’s a but here. But she sat up with me when I had the measles and entertained me when I had the mumps and was there before and after they took my tonsils out. Oh and she was at every corny school program, stood up to a particular Nun who had very low expectations of her students, helped me buy my first car, agreed to be on the mortgage of my first house and did all she could for my son her only grand kid.

And now she’s gone. No more conversations or getting her slant on the news and politics or the benefit of her very great instincts about people.

So stuck it up and call your Mom because one day she’ll be gone.

I’m Still Here1

This blog is my baby. It was my first blog and has a place in my heart. As life moved on I got away from blogging regularly and finally I stopped posting here at all. So much time has passed, life changes, I lost my Mom in January yet here I am today posting again. This year Lord willing I will turn 65. Woo Hoo!!!! To you young folks that probably sounds ancient. Perhaps but I’m happy as heck to be here. I still have a lot of goals and ideas and maybe I will fulfill some of them this year! I can’t promise to do this daily but you will here from me more regularly! Happy March! I’ll let you know when spring has really sprung. The darn groundhog that eats my garden will be seen soon. Then we know it’s spring!

Gardening is Therapy

Garden Faithful

Hello I am alive and well. It’s been a mentally challenging winter and spring so far and I haven’t blogged in months. What I have done with the help of my husband is plant my summer garden. I have made certain commitments to my garden process this year. I’ve made them in the past too. Anyway moving forward, I intend to weed daily and monitor the growth of each plant, pruning when necessary. ┬áStay tuned.

The Hardest Thing About Swimming

For the past few months I have struggled with my swimming stamina. After regularly swimming for several years, I didn’t see the progress that I wanted to. Even post triathlon season I still found myself gasping at the end of a fifty yard swim. My coach told me to stop struggling and use the buoy and just use my upper body. ┬áSo the next day I did 30 laps (60 lengths of 25 yd pool) for a total of 1,500 yards without stopping. Not bad but in my head I am still using the crutch of the buoy. I have done this for the last two weeks. The other day I decided to try to do fifty yards without the buoy. Guess what? I did two hundred! So what’s my point? After the mechanics kick in what’s in your head dictates your swimming ability. I can’t stress this enough. Relax and rely on your training. The rest will come. Did I mention be patient with yourself? A hard learned lesson for me.

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