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Vitamin C Spray Who Knew

So I am always concerned about the effects of pool chlorine. I know that there are other ways to keep pools clean but for the most part chlorine is the way that commercial pools generally go. Someone sent me an article via Facebook about combating the effects but I can’t find it so I googled it. Among other things most of the articles recommend that you spray hair and body with a Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) spray after swimming.

4.0 oz SwimSpray - Chlorine Removal Spray

Now I can’t verify the science and haven’t done heavy research but supposedly the spray removes the chlorine from skin and hair. You can also make your own with Vitamin C powder (the ascorbic acid kind not citric acid) and water. There are lots of recipes on-line. I am going to make my own and try it. I’ll be happy if the smell is gone. Won’t be able to verify the rest.

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