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Self Talk and It’s Power

So yesterday when I was walking my second 5K of the year I engaged in a lot of negative self talk. After finishing the second of probably five small hills I began to tell myself you can’t do this. You should have done something to get ready even if you couldn’t walk in the park. Your legs can’t handle this, is that my heart I hear? OMG I instantly forgot that my average walk is 3 1/2 miles and on a good day I push that to 4 miles. Granted the hills were a surprise and I could have been in better shape to handle them but in the end it was the same 3 mile walk that I do often. At the mile two marker I said to myself okay get a grip. There is one mile to go and since you are following the same route back basically, a lot of it should be down hill. It was and before I knew it I was at the start/finish line. When I saw 55 minutes on the time clock I actually started to do my version of a jog ¬†(It’s kind of sad) in an attempt to beat my 58 minutes ¬†from the January 5K. I did it! Wow. I am only competing against myself so I have to quit the negative talk. It is so powerful!! Remember that the next time that you find yourself saying those counterproductive things to yourself. There are plenty of people to say negative stuff to you once you leave your head, the least you can do is be nice while you’re in your head!

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