Is Our Best Good Enough?

I have been glued to the TV for the Olympics. Especially the swimming which is something I’ve loved my whole life. Gabby Douglas however has turned my attention to gymnastics and I must admit I have paid attention to this sport for the first time. I have cheered and felt sorry for these young people as they reach their highs and lows. I have observed however, a very disturbing thing. Well at least for me it’s disturbing.  I have seen young people crying without consolation for coming in second or third.

Now I realize that they probably train with the idea and belief that they will go for the gold. To me that’s fine. Aim high. I get the sense however that they feel no satisfaction with second or third place. Don’t we tell our children from an early age “do your best” Is this not what we believe?  When my son was involved in competitive sports I would always remind him that there would be another game. Actually to his credit, he was generally over the loss by the time we got in the car. To me that’s healthy. Being distraught may be an unhealthy response to losing at the Olympics. I understand how hard it is for most of them to get to where the games are but they do their best once there.

Last night I saw the face of the father of one of the Olympians and he actually looked angry when his child didn’t win. What message are we sending? Doing your best should be good enough for anyone. Where are we headed with this negative attitude?


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  1. Great post. It worries me too. Even among the sporting elite not everyone can win, yet many create the expectation in young minds that they will win if they just do their best. We need to teach kids that having done your best it’s okay if they fail. It’s how you lose that matters, not if you lose, because no sports person wins all the time.

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