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VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. Somewhat of a mystery for someone raised in the Catholic Church of the 1950’s and 60’s.  I am still fairly new to the Baptist tradition and this was my first Vacation Bible School. So let me give you some background. I now attend a church where the pastor and first lady are friends and have been for many years. They are an energetic couple who have made youth their personal ministries. They are two big kids and I mean this in the best way! We are a small congregation and sadly as happens in many religious experiences today we don’t have many kids attending church regularly. Pastor talked up VBS and we had between 25-30 people from 2 to mid-teens every night!

I mention this because it is not often that kids get to be kids any more. We played games, sang songs and I figure we will be cleaning up beads, paper and glue for months. My husband and two other church members cooked with them. The VBS  theme was Heavens Kitchen. They laughed made pretzels, sandwich wraps and cupcakes and generally had a ball. I did very little but I was exhausted and I know that Pastor and First Lady had to be tired because they worked all day and did kid all evening!

We have to do more of these activities for our kids. Many of them are not getting what they need at home. Doesn’t make their families bad people, probably mostly overwhelmed. Any way I can’t wait until our next activity with the little ones.

Sixty years of Wisdom

So I turned sixty today! That even amazes me. So here is sixty years of wisdom. Don’t look back. You can’t relive the past,  and quiet as its kept as they say, you can’t change it! Let it go and concentrate on today. There is so much left to do and thinking about what you didn’t do just gets in the way. I am thinking about my next knitting/crochet project and what I can make for the kids for the holidays. I’m thinking about taking a class and there is always my teaching. So look in the direction you’re moving and make sure that’s forward.

Has the Crazy Train Pulled into Your Station?

So let me tell you what I call the crazy train and some of you may remember being on board. I didn’t give much thought to the this concept when I was working 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. Once that was no longer the case I found myself occasionally jumping on the train that says whatever I accomplished in any given day wasn’t enough. Those under/unemployed may understand. Jobs tend to define ones accomplishment or rather substitute for accomplishment. You could have a junky house, unpaid bills, unruly kids and a bunch of other things but you could always say at the end of the week, “well I worked all week”.  When that is stripped away the crazy train pulls in and tells you that you are a lazy lump because you didn’t go to the office today. Well I’m here to tell you if that train pulls into your station let it go. The sane train is probably right behind it.

You took care of your little ones, did laundry, tended your home garden, was a caregiver for a family member, did your home profession all while in your pajamas? Well it counts and you accomplished as much as you could in one day.

Today I cooked and cleaned up after two meals, put drops in my Mom’s eyes (three times so far) after her recent eye surgery, paid bills, graded student work online and listened to a self-development tape and the day ain’t over yet. So you can imagine my surprise when the crazy train tried to pull into my station.  Anyway I got a grip let it pull out of the station and if it heads your way I suggest that you do the same thing.

As my friend Jack Jack says HAPPY MONDAY 🙂

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