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Find Something to Celebrate

I am not a football fan. There I’ve said it. The Super Bowl was on but I couldn’t tell you much about it. I enjoyed some of the commercials though. I did focus though on how excited people were about the game. In 2012 I figure that anything that gets our attention and isn’t negative can’t be all bad. So my suggestion is look for things to celebrate. Kid gets a good grade make cupcakes. Husband/Wife gets a new part/full time job – may not be your dream but it’s progress- make a special dinner.  Anyones birthday, celebrate. Get the picture. Life it truly short and besides, I like a good party. How about you?

Has the Crazy Train Pulled into Your Station?

So let me tell you what I call the crazy train and some of you may remember being on board. I didn’t give much thought to the this concept when I was working 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. Once that was no longer the case I found myself occasionally jumping on the train that says whatever I accomplished in any given day wasn’t enough. Those under/unemployed may understand. Jobs tend to define ones accomplishment or rather substitute for accomplishment. You could have a junky house, unpaid bills, unruly kids and a bunch of other things but you could always say at the end of the week, “well I worked all week”.  When that is stripped away the crazy train pulls in and tells you that you are a lazy lump because you didn’t go to the office today. Well I’m here to tell you if that train pulls into your station let it go. The sane train is probably right behind it.

You took care of your little ones, did laundry, tended your home garden, was a caregiver for a family member, did your home profession all while in your pajamas? Well it counts and you accomplished as much as you could in one day.

Today I cooked and cleaned up after two meals, put drops in my Mom’s eyes (three times so far) after her recent eye surgery, paid bills, graded student work online and listened to a self-development tape and the day ain’t over yet. So you can imagine my surprise when the crazy train tried to pull into my station.  Anyway I got a grip let it pull out of the station and if it heads your way I suggest that you do the same thing.

As my friend Jack Jack says HAPPY MONDAY 🙂

What If….

So today I have to ask the question that will make a lot of people squirm. What if you lost your job tomorrow? Now I know that this makes you uncomfortable and it’s something that most of us don’t want to think about but what if? For years I said aloud and in my mind “I hate this job” and I did. I wanted out but would never in a million years have left the safety of the nice paycheck it provided. Nope not me. So the Universe said get out! And to make a long sordid story short I got out. My parachute was extremely old and full of holes and my getaway car had a flat. At an age when many of my fortunate contemporaries (Baby Boomers all) were taking early retirement, I was assuring my housemates (Mom and Husband) that I would find something. I had skills!

Well here I am four years later. No full-time position on the horizon. Guess what, I don’t care. After the initial shock wore off and reality set in I realized that the second half of my was not going to follow the pattern that the first half had. I did what everybody wanted me to do or thought I should do in the past so. Perhaps now is the time for what I want to do. Do I need to make money? Yep. But guess what I found out? That doesn’t mean torture.

So no fear. I’m not suggesting that you quit but what would you really want to do if that job wasn’t there any more? You might be pleasantly surprised!

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