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Pause and Reflect

Yesterday morning I looked at my phone and saw a message from a college classmate who lives in Paris. The message was to let me know that one of our friends had passed away. As is human nature shock is followed by a sense of one’s mortality. I hadn’t seen him for years and unlike some of us he was not a social medial person so the news took us by surprise for sure. My college roommate who is the practical voice among us said well we are at the age where this will be happening. Cheery thought but true. It made me think that there is a lot to be said for ┬áCarpe Diem thinking. While tomorrow may not be our last, all kinds of things can steal our joy. Enjoy every day that you can. Don’t take any for granted.

Have a good evening.

A Day of Reflection

Today we remember lost Americans (and maybe some visitors I’m not sure). Makes you aware of the losses that have been suffered by others in different parts of the world. We need to get back some of the feeling of national and world community that we had in the days following 9/11. We are back to business as usual. Willing to take each other down to make a point. Time to wake up. We’re all in deep stuff and we better get it together. I think we’re gonna need each other before it’s all over.

peace and love

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