Lessons from Mom

My Christmas 2012 age 96

My Christmas 2012 age 96

I was just going through the pictures that we took last month and came across this one. It’s my Mom. If we’re lucky she’ll be 97 in March. She has all of her faculties and basically takes care of her self. She won’t leave the house any more but she gets around inside. Yesterday was one of her most important days. She got to see the President sworn in for a second time. She voted for him both times (the second with an absentee ballot) and marvels at living long enough to see his presidency. Being born the grand-daughter of slaves it’s a pretty big deal to her. While we don’t always agree – both of us are opinionated – I have learned lots of lessons from her. For sure she has aged with grace and does not take any day for granted. She tells us often that if she goes today it’s okay. She has lived her life. She has few friends left but keeps  up with mine and they enjoy the time and conversations with her. She dotes on the great grandkids and no matter how much she tries to get away from them when she’s tired, they end up in her room. She still puts on lipstick every day and recently had me order several of her favorite perfumes. She smells pretty good in the morning when she comes out to take her medicine! Don’t ask her opinion if you don’t want it.  I’ve learned that one the hard way. All in all it’s a delight to have her around.

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