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Does the Weather Dictate our Moods?

I was psyched by the warm weather week before last here in New Jersey. Dusted off the garden tools, pulled out my walking shoes and thought of what I was going to do with my summer. Then the temperature started to drop. Today I put on my denim jacket with the flannel lining and actually I needed a sweater. It was windy and cold. We’ve turned the heat off and I’m looking at the fireplace and seriously considering starting a fire. I don’t want to go to the park and leaving the pool will be like it is in the fall. I could just stay in bed with the covers pulled up. What do you think? Is it chilly where you are?

Who Can Predict The Weather?

For the last ten years I have fed the birds in my yard. Normally we see a group of regulars including Mourning Doves, Finches, Sparrows, and big obnoxious Blue Jays. Last week we had a surprise visit from a hawk. Needless to say he cleared the area. Anyway we occasionally see a pair of Cardinals. It dawned on my husband and I that we only see the Cardinals when it has or is about to snow. Hmn. I saw them today and snow is predicted for the over night hours. I’ll let you know. If I’m right you can just contact me before traveling. Lol!!!

A Flexible Agenda

I’m a creature of habit and don’t do well with sudden change. When I met my husband and realized that being extremely punctual wasn’t important to him I thought, Hmm this is going to be a real problem. Early on in our relationship he suggested that when we got where we were going would be the right time. What heretic nonsense. It didn’t take long for me to see that he was right. So after that lesson, I began to explore the idea that sometimes stuff happens and we have to go with the flow as they say or we end up unhappy and worse.

The inability to be flexible for someone like me can cause all sorts of problem. Loosen up and make some plan B’s in case plan A doesn’t work out. I promise you it won’t lead to your death.

I was planning to go to the pool this morning. By the time I was ready to leave storms of near biblical proportion (2012!!!!!!!) were bearing down on my corner of New Jersey and after much gnashing of teeth I decided to skip the pool. Okay so what now. Generally I would spend an hour wondering if I made the right decision and lamenting the loss of my workout. Instead I changed my clothes and went to CURVES and did my hour workout. Guess what I felt good and if the weather permits, I’ll be at the pool tomorrow! Life goes on.

I Walked Fourteen Blocks in 16 Degree Weather

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Well it’s true and I did it today to get to Vogue Knitting Live at the New York Hilton. I cannot swear that I’d have taken that cold walk for many other reasons. It is amazing what we’ll do for something that we love. I was in heaven today yarn and people who love to use it. It doesn’t get any better than that. If you are not passionate about anything, keep looking. It is so worth it and a passionate pursuit may change your life.

Happy Sunday!

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