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I am still here!!

2013 was an interesting year. It was about focus and change and patience. Things I had to learn. It ended well but it was a tough year in general. Anyway it’s 2014 and who knows.  I did my first 5K  New Years Day. Don’t get excited  can’t run but I can walk. A group of my swim friends and some runners I know and some runners who are swimmers (confused yet) did the January 1, 2014 Hangover Run in Westfield, New Jersey. Three of us walked. I had never done an official race so when I saw all of those people I decided to let them run and walk past me. We were the last three to complete the race. Lol. Did it in 58 minutes. I was happy. Now I have a best to beat. We had a cheering squad by the time we reached the finish line. And a plan was hatched!!!

I intend to do some type of athletic event every month this year. Well that’s my plan. I am going to sign up for a 5K in February but I must admit if it’s too cold I will not do it. We’ll see. I signed up for a practice triathlon that takes place at Montclair State College (indoors) in April and I am signing up for the Irongirl Triathlon in September. I will let you know as I fill in the blanks.

Happy New Year, it’s about the mind, body and spirit this year.


that’s me back row second from the right. 62 and going strong!!!

Zimmerman Verdict — What I Expected

In households of color in America young men are taught the basics of survival in the event that they have a run in with police and/or others that may perceive them as a threat. I am not talking about how to survive when engaged in criminal activity, I am talking about surviving the walk home from school or basketball or the movies. I began explaining this lesson to my son when he was about twelve years old. “If you get stopped, don’t talk back, do what they say and call me when you can. We’ll sort out what happened once you are safely back home”. He knew the drill and eventually had to put it into practice. Fortunately he got home and it only happened one time. He was fortunate. Trayvon Martin wasn’t.

I believe that it has made my son a good policeman. He can’t help but remember how he was treated. Perhaps we should have all kids followed and profiled so that they know how it feels. We have to do better America. This issue has once again divided our population along racial lines. Everyone is very sensitive and we never know what will happen after one of these events. What I do know is that without some serious action I will be having the same talk I had with my son with Trent my three-year old grandson. I hope not but I still know what to say.

The Things That Unite Us Have To Out Weigh Our Differences

We have to get it together. I said this yesterday and I felt like going in the same direction today. When I spend time on Twitter or writing my other blog it is all about the craft for me. The fact that I may be in a different part of the world than my new friends doesn’t matter. Different Race, Religion,Culture,Socio-Economic status, Political Party, doesn’t matter. But leave cyberspace and bump into the “wrong” person on the street and it’s on. So sad. The next time you feel ticked off at someone because they are violating some right or offending your sensibilities (me included) let it go. It may not be as important as it first seems.

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