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Conquer the Pool

Not sure what day this is but I must say that the water is addicting. For the first time I did one lap (25 yds) freestyle without the flippers on! I was tired but I got there. I am concentrating on this stroke and take all the advice I can get from Coach and swimmers. Don’t want to get bad habits I can’t break later. While the group practiced their flip turns, I tried to flip. Hmm, water up the nose, not a full flip but I tried. Some of the team did a 4 mile bike ride before the pool. Good grief, these people are determined to get me physically fit. What next?

Conquer the Pool – Day Five

I DID IT! Although gasping was involved, I swam a lap of freestyle today! Actually I swam a few! What power in the sense of accomplishment. I couldn’t have been happier. There may not be limits to my swimming career! Lol!

That is the happy face of a swimmer! Lol!

Conquer the Pool – Day Two

Second day of my quest to conquer the pool. Coach gave me new exercises and even though I don’t go very far or very fast I can see where I am making progress. A good part of this process is the mind set. I have to use the little engine mantra “I think I can” repeatedly.  I have allowed myself to be psyched out in the past when attempting to learn the freestyle stroke but not this time. A little bit everyday!

The lanes we practice in

Another view of our fantastic pool roof off for the summer!

Me day 2

I Will Conquer the Pool!!!

For the first time in about a year I went to the pool today. I found out last night that the roof has been rolled back for the summer and the heater is turned off or way down (I’m not sure which) and the water is chilly to say the least. All night I was thinking about cold water. So this morning I got up put on the new (and smaller) bathing suit on and headed to the pool. Well the water was chilly but the sun was out and the sky was clear and it was fantastic. So I went to meet the Masters Swim Team to see what they are doing. They are practicing daily and they can all swim well. So here I am. Comfortable in the water but without any competitive stroke. In the past I have attempted to learn the free style stroke without success. I become easily discouraged and give up. So today I decided that this summer I am going to learn the free style stroke no ifs, ands, or buts as they say. I have to develop the right mindset and if any of you have suggestions let me know.

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