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Thursdays Swim Plan

So I have stopped fighting. Yesterday and today I began swimming a lap counting to twenty and doing a return lap I am up to twenty-two laps. Still not non-stop but I think that it’s progress.  Next week I will try to do fifty yds. (two laps) and then rest and return. If I work my way up I should be able to do the half mile in a month or so. That’s the plan for today.

How do You Eat an Elephant?

Okay you’ve heard this many times before but on days like today I need the reminder. One bite at a time. That’s it.

Happy Thursday

Conquer the Pool – Day Three

So today I found out that the part of the pool that I swim in is 25 yards not meters. Since my goal is to swim a mile I found out that I will have to do 71 or 72  (depending on who you talk to) laps to do this. Hmm… today  I did 8.  That was in addition to my freestyle practice laps which I don’t count since they still involve a lot of stopping and a bit of sputtering LOL! Next pool visit will be Monday. We’ll see what I do then. New goggles and flippers were a great addition today. I also wore a bathing cap which I don’t usually but the sun beat the mess out of my head the other day, even with sunscreen on it! More to follow!

This is the part of the pool I swim in

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