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Meters to Yards?????

Today when we got to the pool the lane lines had been placed along the length of the pool instead of the width. We went from 25 yards to 50 meters. OMG I thought that this was going to be an impossible task. Not!!! I actually did two laps easily. I wore my flippers which most everyone did. I did four groups of two laps. Resting after each group of two. Before I left I took off the flippers and did two more laps. Not bad. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this swimming thing. Now I have to translate the concentration that I have developed in the pool to life in general. Sound simple. It’s not.

Conquer the Pool – Day Three

So today I found out that the part of the pool that I swim in is 25 yards not meters. Since my goal is to swim a mile I found out that I will have to do 71 or 72  (depending on who you talk to) laps to do this. Hmm… today  I did 8.  That was in addition to my freestyle practice laps which I don’t count since they still involve a lot of stopping and a bit of sputtering LOL! Next pool visit will be Monday. We’ll see what I do then. New goggles and flippers were a great addition today. I also wore a bathing cap which I don’t usually but the sun beat the mess out of my head the other day, even with sunscreen on it! More to follow!

This is the part of the pool I swim in

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