The Jobs Report is in

The Sunday July 4th New York Times front page story “U.S. Reports Job Growth Lagged in Private Sector. After the math of economics the sum total job loss for June was 125,000 jobs. The national jobless rate dropped to 9.5% (still much higher in the urban/minority areas estimated to be 15.4% according to the Pew Research Center.) Many losses were due to the ending of jobs by my temporary employer the Census. The end of the summer will bring an even bigger blow when all counting and most accounting will be complete and most of the Census workers will be let go permanently.

Most of my co-workers spend some part of their week looking for permanent jobs to replace their temporary Census positions. A few have gone on interviews but many like myself haven’t found anything to interview for. I look every Sunday in the Jobfinder in the Star Ledger. This week it is twenty-two pages long and about eighteen of them are actual job offerings. Let’s see I am not a biostatistician, bookkeeper, or bumper repairman, not a nurse or a certified classroom teacher. Not an IT specialist. Basically, no jobs for me week after week.

So here I am again thinking what can I craft for myself that will provide an income using my skills and not requiring me to stand on my feet for eight hours or ring door bells with the greatest offer? I am still thinking. Is there help out there?

About Tricraftual

I love all things craft related. I knit, crochet and needlepoint and make beautiful things. I see a future of limitless possibilities in the world of craft!

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  1. gettheleadouttex

    certified teacher, licensed broker, degreed animal breeder, dogs that is … i have got education, i have imagination, all i need is a break [lyric from the Richie family]

    we should write a book, for example, cook books are number one sellers, diet books are number two, fiction, plays, childrens’ books.

    hey, what about this business model: Real Estate Investment Trust, REIT. We buy a duplex for 30,000, rent it to veterans, families, or elders, in Texas. Make it a place we would want to live our golden year, or do unto others as we would have others do … at the very least be nice and do no harm.

    I hear you and i feel you. keep the network working.

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