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Leap of Faith

I saw a guy on the news tonight named Steve Carse. Steve used to work for the now infamous AIG. He was a product analyst and said that he spent his days looking at spreadsheets. In the AIG bloodbath Steve lost his job. He said that he thought about it and decided that he did not want to look for another job in the corporate sector. Instead he decided to start his own business selling gourmet popsicles.

He sells his popsicles out of a cart on a street corner in Atlanta. He sells such flavors as pineapple-blood orange, mango-habenero, tangerine-rosemary, chocolate-sea salt and mango-chili. The pops are such a big hit that a store is soon to follow. One man interviewed at the cart said that he liked Steve’s story and always tries to support start-up businesses. Steve says that he is truly happy creating new flavors and making the pops from scratch.

Food for thought! (ok I couldn’t resist)


The Jobs Report is in

The Sunday July 4th New York Times front page story “U.S. Reports Job Growth Lagged in Private Sector. After the math of economics the sum total job loss for June was 125,000 jobs. The national jobless rate dropped to 9.5% (still much higher in the urban/minority areas estimated to be 15.4% according to the Pew Research Center.) Many losses were due to the ending of jobs by my temporary employer the Census. The end of the summer will bring an even bigger blow when all counting and most accounting will be complete and most of the Census workers will be let go permanently.

Most of my co-workers spend some part of their week looking for permanent jobs to replace their temporary Census positions. A few have gone on interviews but many like myself haven’t found anything to interview for. I look every Sunday in the Jobfinder in the Star Ledger. This week it is twenty-two pages long and about eighteen of them are actual job offerings. Let’s see I am not a biostatistician, bookkeeper, or bumper repairman, not a nurse or a certified classroom teacher. Not an IT specialist. Basically, no jobs for me week after week.

So here I am again thinking what can I craft for myself that will provide an income using my skills and not requiring me to stand on my feet for eight hours or ring door bells with the greatest offer? I am still thinking. Is there help out there?


It is my hope that some of you will share your stories with me so that I may pass them on. I have been making  a mental list of people who have made tremendous changes in their lives and have been the better for it. I often think of my dear friend Caridad who passed away several years ago. She began her working life with an MBA clutched in her hand working for a major telephone company. She said people began to suffer from stress related illnesses and she knew of several people who had heart attacks and died. After some thought she decided to leave corporate America and pursue her interest in oriental medicine. She spent years learning to be an acupuncturist and doctor of herbal medicine. I tell everyone that when I was very ill about thirteen years ago she saved my life.  She completely redefined and redesigned her life.

Tell me about your life changes or those of others that you know. Perhaps we can begin to plants seed of change.