Forgive, Okay But Do I Have To Forget?

Okay so I can hold a grudge. Most of the things that I hold on to are because I am overly sensitive about what people think of me. I generally take it personally even if it isn’t meant that way. Anyway there’s nothing so comfy as a good grudge. In the spirit of moving forward I have blogged about the concept of forgiving. To move in the right direction, we have to let go and forgive. I like the idea, talk a good game and recently I think I’ve let some stuff go finally, but I haven’t forgotten. So my question is have I truly forgiven? Does the perceived offense have to disappear from memory or can it surface occasionally? I would like to shake some of this stuff forever because I believe it takes up space that I need for other thoughts. So what do you think? All or nothing?

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  1. I am in the same boat. I have family I have “forgiven” but I don’t seem to be able to forget the transgression. I try, and one of the ways is to think about the good times, the good memories. I also feel that sometimes you have to quantify the depth of your feelings – is the feeling, the incident or the occurrence worth the angst left behind? Some things are just too trivial to hang on to…SO, my take on it is forgive, sincerely, forget if you can, move on because you must!

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