Acceptance is Part of the Battle

So what have I learned at 60? To accept things. When I was in high school I could get up 4o minutes before I had to leave the house and do all the necessary things, get dressed and slide out of the door. At 60 I need an hour to an hour and a half to do the same things.

The body changes over time. Not all the changes are fun but most are inevitable. You can be upset but it won’t change anything.

I hate being called Miss Karen and other than the classroom where I think there needs to be a boundary, I just want to be called Karen, that’s my name. Okay so I hate that I look old enough to be called Miss Karen or anything else that serves as an age place marker.

I don’t like hearing my knees pop but I’m glad I can still walk on them.

It annoys me that people don’t believe that my hair isn’t dyed because I’m not gray. It’s in the genes for Pete’s sake.

But I have come to accept these things and truly I am happy every day when I get up. I look on each day with anticipation and though nothing earth shattering happens most days, that’s okay too.

Best of all I have accepted my journey as the one I am supposed to be on and good, bad or indifferent, I’ll keep moving forward as long as I can.  Happy Friday!!


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I love all things craft related. I knit, crochet and needlepoint and make beautiful things. I see a future of limitless possibilities in the world of craft!

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