I Wear Mom Jeans and I’m Proud!

So since I’ve lost a few pounds I realized that I was wearing the dastardly MOM JEANS that the young people write about with such distaste. So off I went to the store to buy some new jeans. Well the first pair were those low-cut jeans and even when they fit they don’t. Can you say muffin top? The next pair was made of some stretch material and let’s just say that the mirror was not kind. The last pair had a natural waist, okay didn’t look bad but sitting down just wasn’t and option. As I was leaving I said to the young lady in the dressing room “well I’m never going to get a pair of jeans again” and proudly marched off in my bagging but oh so comfortable faded blue jeans. So go on young girls, do your pull up wiggle dance. Hold your breath, and pray for the time when you can go home and take those things off. I’ll keep my loose jeans and my circulation!

About Tricraftual

I love all things craft related. I knit, crochet and needlepoint and make beautiful things. I see a future of limitless possibilities in the world of craft!

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