Laboring in the Vineyard

I should have started this a few weeks back but didn’t have the time so this weekend DH and I spent hours in the yard. Our farm plot (actually three raised beds and a few pots) is looking good. We began planting seeds and small plants and I intend to add a few more. Now however I am fearful of our growing critter family. Did I mention a small bunny that is not fearful of people ( you can walk right up to him) and that Roscoe our groundhog is really Roskette because she has four babies trailing behind her. So I may have to revamp my previous posture of live and let live and find a way to have the kids relocated. Stay tuned for further episodes.

Garden Plot 1

Garden Pots and Plots

Bed 3

Baby Collard Greens

Sweet Magnolia Blossoms from the tree in my yard. Could anything smell sweeter?

Have a good evening.



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