Should We Boomers Be Letting Go?

Sue Simmons, NBC ikon is finished. I haven’t followed closely but apparently the station didn’t renew her contract. The speculation is that they didn’t want a woman who is nearly 70 anchoring the news. Not sure what Sue is saying. Anyway as a “baby boomer” who will be sixty-one in the fall if I’m blessed to live, I don’t think my productive years are passed. I certainly don’t want to be moved out just because of age (don’t we have laws about that?)

I do however see the virtue of moving out of one job and allowing someone younger to take the space. I know that it is a controversial statement but I believe it. I spent many years doing what I was trained to do. Really I hated the last fifteen years of my career but I was afraid to leave it. I stayed too long. I firmly believe that it was time for a new, fresh and yes perhaps younger perspective. That doesn’t mean that I’m done. I am on career number two and I hope I know when to give this one up too. There is still so much I want to do that doesn’t involve “working” that I think I can be happy letting someone else do the work. Lol!

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  1. As an ex-NY/NJ resident, I used to look forward to watching Sue Simmons almost every day. I hadn’t heard about her leaving the network… truly the end of an era. Smart and classy, with a voice I could listen to all day… well, I hope she goes on to do more great things.

  2. Wise words, indeed. With maturity comes the ability to know when to leave a party (either because you don’t want to wear out your welcome or because it just isn’t fun anymore); then you can move on to the next and better party; or throw your own roof raising party. Live it up!

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