The Challenge of Being Still!

I did make it to my Weight Watchers meeting in spite of the cold (around 8 degrees) in New Jersey but was very happy to get home. Felt guilty for no work out again today. I am not good with working out at home and generally skip it if I can’t leave the house to do it. Anyway I decided to stay in. Anxiety comes after a few hours.

I had to remember being patient this past summer and appreciating every thing, every day. I had work to do on my computer for the next semester and of course there is my knitting/crochet but somehow I am restless after a few hours. Perhaps this is a good time to meditate, be still and take in my surroundings. I have a warm home, a fire in the fireplace, good food and family. There are people who would be happy with one of those things.

About Tricraftual

I love all things craft related. I knit, crochet and needlepoint and make beautiful things. I see a future of limitless possibilities in the world of craft!

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