What Are The Real Benefits of Triathlon?

Well for me the sense of accomplishment is major! I am not the follow through kind of lady. I am a master starter but that’s it. This was a big deal for me. I trained and I finished. Who knew. One of the other things for me is the mental exercise. I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about my training. Am I riding enough? Do I have the right clothing? What can I do to improve my next experience? I was amazed at how much time this takes up in my thought process. I think that is a good thing. Can’t focus on other things when you are focusing on training. 

I would love to know what others think. What are the important things about Tri’s for the rest of you? Let me know

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I love all things craft related. I knit, crochet and needlepoint and make beautiful things. I see a future of limitless possibilities in the world of craft!

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