People We Have To Get A Grip!!!!!

Today was the first really nice day we’ve had in this part of New Jersey this week. A crisp, clear fall day. After my morning swim I headed out on Route 22 to run some errands. As is generally the case at midday there was a lot of traffic. It was basically stop and go and people were attempting to enter the flow of traffic from the side roads which always slows things down. A gentleman in a red convertible decided to enter the traffic without stopping and caused a Mercedes to swerve. The Mercedes driver honked and gestured and we continued on for a few feet when in traffic, the convertible driver threw his car into park and jumped out yelling and waving his arms the whole time. Mind you cars were moving all around him. The Mercedes driver rolled down his window and yelled back and I was contemplating where the heck I could go since I was right behind them. The convertible driver jumped back in his car and proceeded to drive off throwing things out of the back of the car.

People we have to get a grip on our lives, our stress, our issues just get a grip period. We are so angry and high-strung that the simplest things can set us off. This ended safely but it could have been different. I wished that I could have made a video of the incident for the convertible drive to review in a quieter time. Maybe he could have seen how ridiculous he seemed. Maybe not though. My advice is start walking, running, riding or swim like me. Let that anger out in a positive way. Anyway think the next time someone ticks you off. Consider the consequences before you act. It probably isn’t worth it!

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