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Lessons from the Williams Sisters

I love tennis. Took lessons until my knees refused to make lateral movements. Like many I was pleased when the Williams sisters broke on to the professional circuit. Like many sports women have had episodic notoriety and these two young women made people  take notice. Certainly as young African-American girls, they  showed other that looked like them that tennis was a possibility no matter where you grow up. They made fashion statements (not always met with approval) and proved their father right on more than one occasion. They have dominated the sport for years and will certain be known for some firsts. As their father predicted, his girls have met more than one time in major tournament finals.  But that is not what I learned from them.

When they lose they move on. Okay so Serena has had a few tantrums but in general when they lose they handle it with dignity and just move forward. That’s the first lesson. The second is that both ladies have diversified into other areas. They know that they won’t be playing tennis forever. Clothing lines, accessories lines , product development all there for the time when tennis becomes something they do just to keep fit. My compliment to their parents, church and community for helping them be so grounded. Serena likes doing nails and has enrolled in a school to get the cosmetology certification to work in a salon. The point is they have other interests and they pursue them. Does money and fame help?  Sure. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same.

Operate heavy equipment for a living but would rather bake, why the heck not? What do you think?

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