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Iron Girl Registration …….Done!

So okay this is a sprint triathlon here in New Jersey in September. I registered last year but my very interesting health issues caused me to lose focus and then my training failed. I will not be daunted this year. I paid my money and ¬†am determined to make it this year. For those of you that don’t know what a sprint triathlon is, it is short distances.This year the website says the swim is 1/3 of a mile (1/2 in the past) 15 mile ride (longer than last year) and 3 mile run. I am still freaked out about the bike part but I joined HbWomen a riding group affiliated with Hilltop Bicycles in Summit and Cranford New Jersey. When they schedule beginners rides I will be there. I’m even buying a bike in the spring. Of course the knees don’t run but they can still walk and that’s what I’ll be doing. So it’s done. I’m even thinking about a second one.

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