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Nothing But Boston Tonight

There is nothing fitting to write about tonight. We are all devastated by the events in Boston this afternoon. As someone preparing for a triathlon, seeing the horror that took place truly saddens me. We assume that an event like this is going to be a joyous occasion for the athletes and those there to support them. While we have been made aware of the potential dangers since 9/11 if not since Oklahoma City, we are still terror neophytes. I can’t put into words the sorrow I feel for those killed (including an 8-year-old boy we are now told) and severely injured. I have spoken to my college roommate three times today. She lost her fiancĂ©e in the World Trade Center and I knew she would be freaked out when she heard about Boston. Not to mention that her brother and his family live in Boston (they are fine). The world that I grew up in is gone forever. I am so sorry for those coming behind my generation. There is nothing more to say.

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