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I’m Going to Live like a Doozer in 2012

Fraggle Rock was one of my favorite kids shows ever. Can’t say that my son shared my love for the show but I never missed it. My favorite characters were the Doozers. These little guys spent all of their time mining, designing and building various structures. They use radish dust to create these structures which it turns out was the Fraggles favorite food.

So what’s my point? If you ever watched this show you know that in the middle of construction the Fraggles would just walk up and break a piece of Doozer construction off and eat it. The Doozers would stop for a moment and then just return to their task. Rebuilding what had been eaten. Wow! That’s the lesson. When somebody rains on your parade, just keep working. Take a breath and pick up where you left off. I won’t be daunted this year. I may have to restart a few times but so what. Good enough for the Doozers, good enough for me.