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Are You Going to Jump or What?

I have vivid memories of jumping double dutch when I was a kid. My friends would turn the rope and I would do that step one does when getting ready to jump in but I wouldn’t (jump that is). After a few seconds the people turning the rope would say are you going to jump or what? Well here I am at 60 and sadly I’m still hearing “are you going to jump or what?” It kind of the way I’ve lived my life. Now that I blog I follow lots of young people and admire the guts that they have. More than one telling the world that they gave up a “good” job or left an industry they were trained to work in to follow their passion. Guess what? they jumped and so far it seems to be working out okay. For sure they may not be rich yet but they’re happy. A lot can be said for being happy.

So I’m making a commitment at this late date to jump when I get the opportunity. No more hesitation, taking the time to talk myself out of something I really want to do. Care to join me anyone? Are you going to jump or what?

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