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Stop Looking and Start Receiving

We become so anxious about the search for the next job, next home, whatever that we may miss our blessing. No matter what your  belief system, if you think there is order to the universe, take a deep breath, find your faith and stop looking.

I stopped looking for a full-time job several years ago. I have an interview this week. May not lead to any thing but who knew.

Let go, you really can’t do it.

I Stepped Out of the Boat This Morning

My pastor is a traditional preacher and last Sunday her sermon was entitled “Step out of the Boat” This is a biblical reference to Christ telling Peter to step out of the boat and walk on the water. I would characterize this as a lesson about faith.

So after my 95 year old mother slapped me the gauntlet so to speak and asked why I drove into the park instead of walking in, I decided to step out of the boat and try it. I could tell you all the reasons in my head for not walking the additional 3/4 of a mile to where I normally walk but the bottom line is that I was afraid that I couldn’t do it. Well today I proved myself wrong. Actually I walk further most days than I did today but I walk on a relatively flat oval which is a little over a half mile in distance and I cover a bit over 3 miles. Today I walked into the park and down one side of the track that the locals call the red carpet. I covered 2.82 miles which included some inclines that were very challenging for me. What a sense of accomplishment I felt when I arrived back at my house.  Maybe you can try it soon. Step out of the Boat!

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