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Weighty Issues

Samoan Airlines is going to be charging customers airfare based on weight.  I have seen figures from 78% to 93% as the rate of obesity in Samoa and from 70% to 80% in the United States. Suffice it to say that obesity is a problem in the world. The idea that we may be charged for our obesity when we fly is a sobering situation.

I have spent most of my adulthood being and/or fighting obesity so I know that it’s a touchy subject. I am still fighting the battle as we speak. I can just picture getting to the airport in time to get on the scale before boarding my flight. What?

On the other hand I can see the dilemma that the airlines face and every pound matters. Particularly for airlines that fly small planes. I have been told that some airlines ask people their weight and speculate that the passengers probably lie. Scary when too much weight may affect the flight.

Do you think this is fair? I’m not sure how I feel.



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