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How Much Gear Is Too Much Gear?

I promise you that when I bought my bike a few weeks ago I had a conversation with myself about not buying unnecessary gear. Swimming is my first love and okay I have five or six bathing suits and about six pairs of goggles, two different types of flippers, ear plugs and several bathing caps that I don’t even wear. All essential stuff. But now comes the bike. Two weeks in I had to get a more comfortable seat and riding gloves. Now I am contemplating new pedals because my feet keep slipping off of mine. Oh for goodness sake, I do not want to buy bike shoes and pedals. Did I mention that I am riding in my baggy tee shirts and running pants. Don’t say it! Riding clothes? Where does one draw the line?


What are the best Goggles?

This blog has taken a turn and probably this year I will be spending a lot of time on my athletic activities. Hope I don’t lose some of you. Anyway who knew that there were different types of goggles for different types of swims. Okay so some people knew but not me. In my new Swimmer magazine there is a goggle review article. Apparently some come off when you dive or do a fast flip turn (not issues for me) or when you’re swimming a fast race. Good grief. My goal is to get goggles that don’t fill with water or sit too close to my large eyeballs. You don’t want to think about them once you start to swim. The beauties listed below Speedo F3 Elite lists for $75.00! Everything has its price.

Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggle - SPEEDO  - Speedo USA Swimwear



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